October 30: Industry at mercy of foreign powers and political failures

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From: D Wood, Howden, East Yorkshire.

DAVID Cameron, like all career politicians, is basically a boy trying to do a man’s job. If he isn’t going on bended knee to his German master and her subordinates, pleading for the impossible reform of the German dictatorship currently known as the EU, then he is grovelling to the Chinese to save our steel industry and pay for the building of a new nuclear power station.

The Chinese are selling steel at a loss; this is to protect their steel industry until demand picks up. The Germans, French and Italians all protect their industries too, often ignoring their own stupid EU rules in order to do so. David Cameron should do the same, and this is how; first of all re-nationalise the steel industry with a first class engineer in charge, not a useless fat cat banker or accountant.

Stop trying to make electricity costing 12p a unit with grossly inefficient and in fact unviable windmills. Stop the closure of our coal-fired power stations (on orders of his German master) producing power at 4p a unit. Open up the coal mines, creating thousands of jobs and burn it in our power stations, like the Germans are doing (they are building 26 new coal-fired power stations because they know windmills are useless). A vast amount of our electricity and gas industries are now owned by foreign nationalised companies the same is true of our water and railway industries.

These are all vital public service industries, most facing massive problems caused by the EU and foreign ownership.

From: David Davies, Brigg.

UP to £42m to overhaul “Big Ben”, £9m to “support” Scunthorpe steel-makers. A clear indication of this Government’s priorities.

From: Penny Ebden, Keighley.

WHILE holding the referendum for the nation’s opinion on whether we should be in or out of the EU, wouldn’t it be interesting to also ask if we want to hand over control of our steel and nuclear power industries to The People’s Republic of China?

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

A COUPLE of weeks ago, a salesman made a cold call 
on our home offering a super deal for solar panels on our 
roof, with the assurance that we had 28 days to renege on the contract.

Does that same “out” apply to the UK Government when it should reconsider the recent Chinese deal to take over 
our nuclear plants, 
factories, banks and other investments?