October 31: ‘Sir Geoffrey’ campaign is an insult to others

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From: Brian Herbert, Old Edlington, Doncaster.

I FIND this campaign to get Geoffrey Boycott knighted for his services to cricket and his broadcasting career with the BBC quite an insult to the people of Yorkshire who have supported and worked for Yorkshire Cricket (without payment).

I was led to believe that you received recognition (such as a knighthood) for services to the Crown and your country. 
Boycott has been paid handsomely for the work he has done both for Yorkshire Cricket and the BBC and continues to be so.

I’m sure his support of Yorkshire Air Ambulance will support his campaign, but I, for one, remain suspicious about the timing.

From: Phil Davis, Oxford Terrace, Baildon.

RE the air ambulance; why can’t the people of Yorkshire donate £1 per person per year regardless of creed or colour, no matter if they are one-month-old or 100-years-old.

It certainly wouldn’t break the bank and what a God send to these hard working dedicated people in a dangerous job it would be.

I am 77 years of age and not a well off pensioner but I would give £1 per year towards this charity gladly.