Officers begin seasonal drive against drinking

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As the Christmas party season approaches, police forces in Yorkshire are announcing their annual crackdowns on drink-drivers and urging people to avoid temptation to get behind the wheel after drinking.

South Yorkshire Police said that drink-related road deaths are nationally still far too high, despite repeated publicity and ongoing enforcement initiatives.

It is estimated that across the UK during 2010, 5 per cent of all road casualties, amounting to 9,700 reported casualties, came about when someone was driving while over the legal alcohol limit. Police enforcement throughout December is supported by a media campaign called Shaken and Slurred which focuses on a range of messages including drink driving, safe socialising, anti-social drinking and domestic violence.

South Yorkshire Chief Inspector for roads policing, Stuart Walne, said: “Both the police and the general public know that drink driving kills people and is a factor in road traffic collisions.

“It is an all-year-round issue that takes on a special relevance and poignancy at this time of year.”