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From: Paul Bates, Bowden Wood Crescent, Sheffield.

WHILE Hillary E Holt (Yorkshire Post, September 7) can put what he likes, providing that it is legal, at the top of his letters, the Royal Mail only requires three pieces of information to deliver a letter, none of which refer to a historic judicial area!

1. The house name or number.

2. The street name.

3. The postcode.

Grade help

From: Geoffrey F Bryant, Queen Street, Barton-on-Humber.

SURELY I can’t be the only reader to be underwhelmed by the news of a grades triumph for Yorkshire’s private schools (Yorkshire Post, September 3)?

Given the advantages enjoyed by pupils and teachers at these schools – the list is too long and too well known to need detailing – the real news would have been if these schools had not recorded a “grades triumph”.

Sticky situation

From: Allan Davies, Heathfield Court, Grimsby.

BRIAN Hanwell’s letter (Yorkshire Post, September 5) reminds me of a story current at the time of the Christine Keeler/John Profumo case.

When told of the affair, Harold Macmillan allegedly paused for a second or so before continuing: “Keiller? Keiller? Do I know the girl? Of course! the marmalade family.”

Pilots’ tribute

From: Mrs P Smith, All Hallowes Drive, Tickhill, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

I WAS really moved when I read on your front page (Yorkshire Post, September 3) about the Red Arrows tribute to Flt Lt Jon Egging and his wife at the Chatsworth Country Fair. What a lovely gesture from his fellow pilots.

My family always attended the wonderful Finningley Air Show every year, the highlight being the Red Arrows display.