Oldest woman in Britain reveals 110-year secret

Britain's oldest woman has revealed the secret of living to the age of 110 – eating a fried egg sandwich every morning.

Great-great-grandmother Florrie Baldwin attributed her remarkable lifespan to eating more than 30,000 egg baps.

Mrs Baldwin, from Leeds, who was born in 1896 and remembers the reign of Queen Victoria, has taken the title after 111-year-old Ada Mason died this week at a nursing home in Upton, near Pontefract.

Guinness World Records has confirmed she is now the oldest person in Britain.

She said: "It is wonderful to be the oldest lady in Britain. To be honest I forget how old I am most of the time."

Mrs Baldwin stayed in her own house until she was 105, before taking up residence at Radcliffe Gardens Nursing Home, Pudsey, where she has lived for the last five years. Apart from the odd niggle she is still fit and healthy for her age and attributes her long life to eating an egg sandwich for breakfast and a cooked meal for dinner.

She said: "I always eat an egg sandwich in the morning and have at least one hot meal each day. I think I've had an egg sandwich almost every day since I was married at 23. I also do like a glass of sherry now and again."

If she had eaten a fried egg sandwich every day since she was 23, it would mean she had polished off 31,755 in her lifetime.

Grandson David Worsnop, 61, who is retired himself, said: "She really is a character and keeps in remarkably good health.

"One day when I went to visit her when she was 103 I found her standing on the sideboard changing the curtains. She was most annoyed when I told her off in case she fell."

Mrs Baldwin, who turns 111 in March, has one child remaining, 86-year-old Maisie, and will star in a new documentary made by Channel 4 about people living to a great age. It will be shown later this year.

Her six-year-old great-great grandson Harry Wilkinson said: "She really, really is 110. None of my friends have a grandma as old as mine."

Mrs Baldwin can still get around with help of an arm to lean on. She is a grandmother of two, great- grandmother of six and great-great-grandmother of four.

She grew up as part of a large family in Hunslet, Leeds, and her grandson said she could be the oldest Hunslet RL Club supporter ever – her father used to take her to matches and was friends with Albert Goldthorpe, who led the team to win four cups in the 1907-08 season.

In 1919 she married painter and decorator Clifford Baldwin and moved to Woodhouse. Later she worked as a wages clerk in an engineering firm until the age of 76.

Clifford Baldwin died in 1973, after which Florrie lived alone until she moved to Radcliffe Gardens.