One in 10 delay retirement in money crisis

Nearly one in 10 people have been forced to delay their retirement due to a financial emergency, a survey showed today.

About nine per cent of people aged over 45 said they had put their retirement plans on hold due to the impact of financial emergencies and the recession, according to insurer Prudential.

A further seven per cent of people claim they decided to work longer than originally planned to build up a bigger pension fund.

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Half of people who have delayed their retirement think they will have to wait for between one and five years longer than they had intended before they give up work, while 17 per cent expect to have to work for five years longer.

But one in four people who have put off retiring fear they may never be able to afford to give up work completely.

Martyn Bogira, of Prudential, said: "It is imperative for people to realise what's at stake before they retire. It's one thing to want to continue to work, but quite another to be forced to as a result of not having saved enough money."