One in four households in city classed as ‘workless’

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More than a quarter of households in Hull do not contain a single person in work, according to new statistics which again highlighted the huge unemployment disparities around the UK.

Figures released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics reveal that 25.3 per cent of households in Hull are classed as “workless” – compared with fewer than 10 per cent in Ryedale and 14 per cent in York.

The Yorkshire Post is campaigning for greater support for unemployment “hot-spots” such as Hull, Bradford and Doncaster – the three worst affected areas in the region – as part of its Give us a Fair Deal campaign.

Diana Johnson MP said: “These figures show, yet again, how vital it is to oppose coalition Government policies that remove jobs and spending power from the Hull area, and to support policies which will attract the new green jobs that are the future for Hull.”

Across the UK as a whole, Liverpool had the highest percentage of workless households in 2011 at 31.6 per cent, slightly down on the previous year’s figure of 31.9 per cent. It was the fourth year in a row that Liverpool had the highest rate, said the ONS. South Teesside had the second highest rate at 29.1 per cent.

Overall, the figures showed a broad North/South divide.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: “These figures make clear that high concentrations of workless households are not due to a so-called ‘benefits culture’ but because of mass unemployment caused by the collapse of major industries.

“It is a lack of jobs that puts people on benefits, not the other way round.

“We need an industrial strategy and proper investment to create jobs and give hope to these communities.”

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