Open verdict on ex-addict found dead after row

A RECOVERING heroin addict and alcoholic who drank up to four bottles of sherry a day was found hanged after a row with his girlfriend, an inquest heard.

The Rotherham inquest heard the father-of-one Richard Pashley, 34, had been living with his mother and stepfather in Maltby.

Mr Pashley's stepfather, Roy Robinson, told the hearing he had a "run-in" with his girlfriend and it had been preying on his mind.

Mr Robinson said: "He wasn't very calm and his mother asked him politely to calm down.

"He started getting aggressive and she forced him out of the house and told him to go away and come back when he was calm and rational.

"But that only seemed to make it worse. He started banging and kicking at the door.

"He was swinging from a canopy and climbed over the fence at the back and started head-butting the path."

Mr Pashley, a former hotel worker, was later found in the garden with clothes line wrapped round his neck by his stepfather, late in the evening of May 21 this year.

The inquest heard he was being treated for drug dependence and was taking methadone to wean him off heroin.

He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver and an anti-depressant drug and methadone in a potentially fatal concentration was found in his body, which could have affected his judgment.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Navjot Aluwahlia said Mr Pashley "felt good about things" as he had been off heroin and had reduced his drinking shortly before his death.

Rotherham's deputy coroner Fred Curtis recorded an open verdict after noting that although Mr Pashley was said to be distressed, unhappy and depressed he had not expressed a clear intention to take his own life.