A new website for a modern Yorkshire

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Yorkshire people are fiercely proud of their modern county - a vibrant region with a rich heritage.

Our readers demand a media that will reflect that - and our new Yorkshire Post website which we launch today, has been designed to ensure we continue to be the essential source of news and information about this great county, championing and celebrating the best of Yorkshire life.

We have built on what we already do well to reflect through our new website, mobile, tablet and app the changing nature and forward looking county of Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Post in print is a hugely respected, widely-read newspaper, that embodies our values of straight-talking, trustworthy, quality writing and leading the agenda.

And, while we want our website to reflect those values, we should aim far beyond them - to develop a rich, varied, spontaneous and constantly updated stream of the content that makes our county an inspirational place to live, work and play.

So today I welcome you to our new site and want to introduce those new elements to you through our new sections.

The first new section is Our Yorkshire.

No-one knows Yorkshire like the people of Yorkshire - whether you want to find out about Yorkshire people, our great heritage, or want to discover God’s Own County, this is the place for you.

​One of the things that makes Yorkshire stand out from the rest of the country is its vibrant and beautiful countryside. Our Country Life section sets us apart from any other website. Our expert writers will be covering news, views and events that make up not just rural life, but a whole way of living in the countryside, from rural news, farming, country pursuits, fashion, and, of course, our rich array of country shows.

​There is an emergent modern, fresh Yorkshire brand and we need to be the owners of that - so our Future Yorkshire section is a showcase of the new, vibrant county we live in.

From the Northern Powerhouse to the huge investments in retail, technology and research, you will be delighted to read about Yorkshire going places.

Our What’s On section is the playground of Yorkshire bringing you great ideas for going out, news, reviews, arts and entertainment and how to spend your leisure time in our great county.

​Other new sections include Food & Drink, showcasing the best Yorkshire has to offer, from the fruits of the sea to the fields of the hills.

Lifestyle is our new seven-day weekend all in one place. Here we reflect the diverse nature of Yorkshire, with short and long reads, featuring homes, fashion, wellbeing, gardening and everything to do with your lifestyle.

​And our Business section is the place where we champion Yorkshire’s diverse businesses we bring you analysis, opinion, news, features and updates throughout the day.

I hope you like what we have done, and I welcome all feedback.

You can tell us what you think of our new site here.