All MPs like myself must work together in national interest – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Kevin Hollinrake, Conservative MP for Thirsk, Malton and Filey.

Kevin Hollinrake has been re-elected as the Thirsk, Malton and Filey MP.

THIS was an election where two key points dominated the doorstep discussions – the first, of course, Brexit, the second, to some extent connected with the first, a general disillusionment with politics and politicians.

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Yes, the inability for Parliament to deliver on the result of the referendum, but also the unacceptable, at times disgraceful lack of respect and sometimes vitriolic relationship between politicians and, indeed, between politicians and the media, and the inability and unwillingness for politicians of all party persuasions to work in the national interest.

Boris Johnson won a Hosue of Commons majority of 80 - including Tony Blair's former seat of Sedgefield.

This must change or our political system will be damaged irretrievably. I am pleased to say that the local campaign was conducted in a much better spirit, with all candidates ‘‘playing the ball’’ rather than the person and I pay tribute to their hard work, dedication and willingness to put their head over the parapet. I will continue to use my best endeavours to achieve a fairer deal for Thirsk, Malton and Filey, a fairer deal for the North and a fairer society. We managed to convince many who don’t traditionally vote Conservative to do so on this occasion; they will not do so again unless we invest in the north of England, the NHS, our schools, our police forces, housing and reduce the need for food banks and homelessness.

I believe that Conservative principles best reflect and complement the facts of life: freedom, opportunity, personal responsibility, looking after the less fortunate in society and how powerful they have been in relieving poverty and improving opportunities for all.

What we must do is make sure that our free market principles work more effectively for everyone and that we apply sensible check and balances to level the playing field between consumers, SMEs and large multinational businesses.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

HELPING the relentless resistance to the democratic process were centre-left institutions, supposedly sane, undoubtedly well educated claiming to be well informed: people in the law, the civil service, the universities (especially), the Bank of England, the house of Lords, the CBI, plus the usual suspects of the left-wing press.

However, voters took their overdue revenge by finally clarifying their original instructions to leave the EU. I say thank you to them for enabling a Conservative majority of 80.