A new leader could break the deadlock and deliver Brexit – Yorkshire Post letters

How long can Theresa May survive as Prime Minister?
How long can Theresa May survive as Prime Minister?
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From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

IN your pessimistic editorial (The Yorkshire Post, May 10), you say that changing the Prime Minister will make no difference to the Brexit arithmetic because of the hung Parliament.

Tory reality check over Brexit arithmetic and populism – The Yorkshire Post says

But Theresa May is personally the “current constraint at Westminster” you refer to. Her main problem is not so much the hung Parliament as the fact that she doesn’t have the support of her own party, because her Brexit policy takes us into the possibility of a limbo-land of subservience to the EU.

A new leader could gain parliamentary support by crafting a policy in line with the 2017 election manifesto and should be given that opportunity. You claim that even if the new Brexit Party tops the European elections it will make no difference to the dynamics in Parliament. This seems incredible, considering that the parallel position in 2014 was so traumatic, that it caused David Cameron to concede a referendum. To ignore such a result on the grounds that it would be just “right-wing populism”, a term riddled with intellectual confusion, will take our politics into a new post-democratic era, which will not be without its consequences.

From: Graham Branston, Emmott Drive, Rawdon.

SO once again Nigel Farage is back on the political campaign trail. Last time his headline theme was the unacceptable level of immigration from EU countries.

This time it is upholding the democratic vote to leave the EU even if there is no deal. It will appeal to many, others may see it as an opportunist attempt to gain political power at the expense of two badly fractured main parties.

On the recent Andrew Marr programme, Farage, as well as castigating the BBC, said his party would not have a manifesto; he regarded them as packs of lies. However, it seems he favours an insurance-based health service, perhaps too much of a vote-loser for a manifesto?

Perhaps he should stick to the ‘white knight’ theme of upholding the democratic vote!

From: Terry Walls, Driffield.

THE BBC gives a mass of information about all the parties standing in the European Parliament elections – well, almost! Included are newcomers such as Change UK and the Brexit Party. Sadly, for those of us who live in this wonderful county and want to be sure that its voice is being heard, there is no mention of the Yorkshire Party.

This cannot be fair.