Achievements of Sheffield graduate are inspirational for A level students - The Yorkshire Post says

The recognition that graduate Ellen Watson has received from the University of Sheffield is fully deserving.

Ellen Watson has been honoured for her achievements, by the University of Sheffield.

Not only did she achieve excellent academic attainment in her study of history and politics, but she has also worked to improve the lives of young people with disabilities.

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Students will receive their A level results tomorrow. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

She has supported a national charity’s loneliness campaign, helped the university to make its campus more accessible for those in need of guide dogs and made its departments a better place for students with hearing and visual impairments to learn.

Ellen, who was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, a condition characterised by partial or total hearing loss and vision loss, has achieved all this, and so much more, in the face of adversity – and despite only being able to sit two of her A- levels.

Her story is not only inspirational but a reminder for all those young people receiving results tomorrow that determination and humanity are also priceless qualities.