Agricultural shows remain at heart of Yorkshire life - The Yorkshire Post says

It might be all over for Theresa May’s time in office but not for the more than 60 agricultural events that take place in Yorkshire each year - those shows must go on.

Agricultural shows are part of the heartbeat of Yorkshire.

Farmers in this region are in many respects the original Northern Powerhouse and for two centuries, the events have put their rural life into the spotlight. Today, they continue to be the heartbeat of this county and, too, its outdoors calendar.

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Six million people visit agricultural shows nationally and it is no surprise that attendances continue to be strong. Each year, great efforts go into both highlighting the best of British farming, food and the countryside and providing an entertaining day out for all. Earlier this week, the director of one of the biggest - The Great Yorkshire Show - said that particular event was attracting new audiences, with more people attending from outside of farming communities.

Perhaps it is the popularity of rural-based television programmes, combined with a focus on shopping local and a seemingly increasing desire to learn about where food comes from that has prompted more public interest. Whatever the reason, it provides farmers with greater opportunity to educate about their livelihoods and, though the combined value of agricultural shows to the region’s economy has never been calculated, undoubtedly brings a boost to local communities. For this reason, the shows must continue.