Any new Government that ignores Manifesto for the North will do so at their peril - The Yorkshire Post says

The next Government must act on the Manifesto for the North.
The next Government must act on the Manifesto for the North.

WHICHEVER party is to win the general election must first secure the confidence of the North. The votes of people in Yorkshire and beyond will play a crucial role in deciding the next Government.

In order for any of the main parties to persuade the voters here to trust them, they must make firm and unequivocal commitments to policies which enable our region to prosper, as set out in A Manifesto for the North, published by this newspaper and a swathe of other titles.

Manifesto for the North provides golden opportunity to end wilful neglect of region: The Yorkshire Post says
So far, that commitment has not been forthcoming, even though both the Conservatives and Labour made great play of their plans to help the North yesterday. The Chancellor, Sajid Javid, and his shadow, John McDonnell, outlined plans to shift power and control of spending out of London, as well as boosting infrastructure.

That does demonstrate a degree of recognition that the North has not been treated fairly and there needs to be fundamental change, but still falls short of the five key demands set out in the manifesto.

Those objectives – rebalancing the economy, giving us control over transport, allowing us to lead on education and skills, drive growth through investment and trade, and be leaders in the green industrial revolution – must be at the forefront of policy.

The major parties should be in no doubt of the North’s determination to secure a fair deal after decades of neglect.

'Ambitious and unified' call for real change from new government in manifesto for the North
Half-hearted measures will not convince voters that their concerns are being taken seriously enough when there is a realistic and achievable set of proposals on the table which would produce transformational results.

The North has spoken with one voice about what it expects from a new Government. Those who would form it, whatever their position on the political spectrum, ignore us at their peril. They have been warned.