Bill Carmichael: Time to face up to truth over atrocities

JUST how long are we going to continue kidding ourselves?

A woman lights a candle on a makeshift alter including signs that read in French "I am Charlie" during a vigil in solidarity with those killed in an attack at the Paris offices of the weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo

After each Islamist atrocity – and let’s face it they are happening on virtually a daily basis now – we get the same soothing lies from the political establishment even before the corpses are cold.

These massacres are nothing to do with any particular religion or political ideology, they say.

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These terrorist acts are carried out by deranged individuals who don’t represent anyone.

Forget the cries of “Allahu Akbar” as the innocents are slaughtered in Paris or Pakistan – that simply means “Move along, nothing to see here”.

So, there is nothing to worry about – just go back to sleep like good, obedient children.

Oh and before you drop off, can we just have one last chorus of that great multi-cultural orthodoxy? All together now: “Islam is the religion of peace!”

And all is well for a few hours until the next bunch of jihadis decide to spill more innocent blood, and the whole cycle repeats itself indefinitely.

If you still believe this stuff, you are simply not paying sufficient attention.

Let’s absolutely clear here; the West is under sustained and vicious attack from a group of bloodthirsty, racist, misogynist bigots who are determined to destroy our hard-won liberties and kill as many civilians as possible.

Theirs is a deeply imperialistic cult. They are not interested in peaceful coexistence or tolerance of other views and beliefs. They see any hint of concession from the civilised West not as a symbol of friendship, but as a sign of weakness.

For them Islam doesn’t mean “peace” but “surrender”. Their aim is to conquer and subjugate all non-Muslims and destroy our democratic freedoms, and they won’t stop until we are all slaves under the black flag of Islam.

And rather than mount any resistance to this naked aggression, our political leaders are bending over backwards to make it easy for them.

After each terrorist outrage you can guarantee that Barack Obama and David Cameron will pop up to repeat like a stuck record: “This isn’t the ‘real’ Islam.” How they hell do they know?

They also pretend that the extremists are in a tiny fringe element of Islam. Well the jihadists may be in the minority, but they certainly enjoy substantial support amongst Muslims. For evidence look no further than the thousands of European Muslims who have rushed to join the head-hackers of Syria and Iraq.

We in the West didn’t ask for this conflict, but we are in an existential battle for survival, whether we like it or not.

And the sad thing is that if you were placing a bet on the winner you would have to put your money firmly on the Islamists. They are more motivated, more determined to destroy liberty than we are to defend it.

The demographics are in their favour too. Europe will become increasing Islamic over the coming decades. What chance a magazine like Charlie Hebdo existing in 50 years time? None whatsoever.

Already we are accommodating ourselves to our new masters. Yesterday the BBC was falling over itself to describe Charlie Hebdo as “provocative”, as though this justified the murder of journalists and police officers.

And reporters and commentators paid as much attention to the entirely imaginary “Islamophobic backlash” as to the reality of people killed in cold blood.

A columnist in the once respected Financial Times shamefully went even further, effectively blaming the victims for their own murder and calling them “stupid” for daring to upset Muslims with satirical cartoons.

Utterly pathetic indeed, but expect such cringing cowardice to become the norm as individuals and institutions capitulate in the face of growing Islamist threats.

To paraphrase Sir Edward Grey, the lamps of liberty are going out all over Europe. The great Age of Enlightenment, which began almost 400 years ago and saw a great flowering of civilisation is rapidly coming to an end.

Forget the great strides made 
over recent centuries in the fields of science, music, philosophy and the arts. Europe is about to enter a new Dark Age, and a once-great civilisation will be wiped out and replaced by brutal despotism, pitiless cruelty and unfathomable ignorance.