Boris Johnson must heed Barbara Windsor's dementia care crisis warning: The Yorkshire Post says

Dementia is amongst the cruellest of illnesses, gradually erasing the minds of those who have it and leaving those who love them with a hard and often heartbreaking road to travel as the condition takes its course.

Dame Barbara Windsor and her husband Scott Mitchell, who have called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to solve the dementia care crisis as they were named ambassadors of charity Alzheimer's Society. Picture: Ian West/PA Wire

And beyond the personal struggles of those with dementia and their families, it is a major factor in Britain’s care crisis.

As dementia becomes more prevalent in Britain’s ageing population – with no cure currently in sight – caring for the elderly will become an increasing problem.

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Boris Johnson has promised action to improve social care.

Its call on Boris Johnson to invest in an NHS Dementia Fund is a sensible way forward. But the campaign further emphasises the need for wholesale reform of the social care system in order to meet its challenges. Proposals for doing so were repeatedly delayed under Theresa May. Mr Johnson came to office promising to make a difference for the better to the care system.

Those with dementia, and their families, need him to find a solution.