Boris Johnson’s divide and rule tactics as snap election looms – The Yorkshire Post says

NOW that Parliament has adjourned for the summer, Boris Johnson does, for now, have scope to continue building his team without having to face an immediate vote of confidence.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has addressed MPs for the first time as the country's leader.

He does so on the back of a combative first appearance in Parliament as Prime Minister that will – just like the defining issue of Brexit – have deeply divided public opinion.

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The first meeting of the new-look Cabinet has been held by Boris Johnson.

Why? Just as Mr Johnson’s natural optimism and ebullience is a breath of fresh air to many, it is offset by those who believe his high stakes Brexit strategy risks causing serious damage to the country’s economic foundations.

Yet, while Mr Johnson appears to have very little room for manoeuvre if a no-deal Brexit is to be avoided, it can be said, with considerable certainty, that a general election is likely to be called sooner rather than later. Both the tone of his Downing Street speech – and then his crusading statement to Parliament when he vowed “to win on a manifesto for the whole United Kingdom” as he took the attack to Labour – point to Mr Johnson’s intention to be a campaigner rather than a conciliator. However he needs to remember that the job of Prime Minister is, in all circumstances, to unite the country rather than divide and rule – there is a difference and it matters.

Boris Johnson is pictured facing MPs for the first time as Prime Minister.