Boris Johnson’s Houdini act at PMQs is another illusion as care cap anger mounts – The Yorkshire Post says

BORIS JOHNSON bore a striking resemblance to the escapologist Houdini after blustering his way out of political trouble at Prime Minister’s Questions by simply reverting to type and denouncing his opponents in order to deflect attention.

Boris Johnson at Prime Minister's Questions after a torrid few weeks.

Two days after his now infamous ‘Peppa Pig’ speech to the CBI, he was visibly emboldened by the carefully choreographed cheers of those loyal Tory backbenchers whose noisy presence did not mask the empty spaces on the Tory benches. However the faces of Cabinet ministers told a different story after such a torrid few weeks for the PM – Chancellor Rishi Sunak looked stern and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss embarrassed as Nadine Dorries, the Culture Secretary, nattered away. Only Home Secretary Priti Patel was buoyant.

It was also noteworthy that Labour and SNP made direct reference to the Tory discontent and growing suggestions that some backbenchers have submitted letters registering their disapproval of Mr Johnson – this trend, as readers will recall, was the beginning of the end of his predecessor Theresa May’s premiership.

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But it was disconcerting that Mr Johnson did not grasp the consternation over the Government’s social care cap and how it will have an adverse financial impact on those homeowners whose properties are valued below the national average.

Boris Johnson, pictured leaving 10 Downing Street for Prime Minister's Questions.

And, in the wake of myriad controversies from Tory sleaze to the flawed decision to downgrade high-speed rail here, the PM’s busking at the despatch box pointed to a leader in denial about his falling popularity and the need to overhaul Downing Street’s operation if decision-making is to be more effective.

As such, the Tory leader’s showboating bought himself some much-needed respite – but only at the expense of all those families who find themselves neglected by the inability of Boris Johnson’s London Government to honour any promises.

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