Brexit makes this month crucial for UK and its future democracy - Bernard Ingham

Pledge to the people: Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still facing many obstacles ' political and legal ' in his determination to get Brexit done. Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Pledge to the people: Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still facing many obstacles ' political and legal ' in his determination to get Brexit done. Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Amid all the petty, juvenile turmoil of Westminster and its new breed of “snowflake” politicians, two things are crystal clear.

Boris Johnson will have to defy or outwit a hostile Parliament and the Supreme Court to implement Brexit.

Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Photo: PA/PA Wire

Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Photo: PA/PA Wire

Once we are out of the European Union, the choice at a General Election could not be starker.

Do you want to carry on with a moderate Tory Government that is running a relatively successful economy, is pledged to make Brexit work for the nation as a whole and, as its party conference shows, at least recognises the need to repair the social neglect of the last three years?

Or dare you vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Marxist mob with the certainty that it will wreck the economy, reduce everyone (apart from the Momentum conspiracy) to penury, swamp us with immigrants and generally destroy standards while probably seeking to become EU vassals again?

My fears for future of democracy and rule of law if Brexit impasse persists – Yorkshire Post letters

As Boris battles on, let there be no doubt: the threat to Britain as a model democracy is by far the gravest since 1945.

Never before in those 74 years has our precious freedom been under such threat.

Marxists are not democrats. They are totalitarian and woe betide anybody who gets in their way.

I have long known of their methods. I had first hand experience of them as a labour (strike) reporter in the 1960s, in the Department of Employment in the 60s and 70s and subsequently as a journalist.

Some of my journalistic colleagues and clients of those years don’t give much for the continuation of a free (but economically struggling) Press if Corbyn or his sort enter Number 10.

I am not being alarmist. Marxist states rig their version of democracy – dictatorship of the proletariat – to their ends.

How do you think Corbyn clings on as Leader of the Opposition amid his party’s squabbling over his approach to the EU, anti-Semitism and the UK’s enemies?

Answer: his Momentum apparatus has seized control of the reins.

Maragret Thatcher would not have sanctioned Boris Johnson’s unlawful prorogation of Parliament – Yorkshire Post Letters

A great tragedy has befallen the Labour Party since Ed Miliband facilitated hard Left entryism with a £3 membership fee.

And that tragedy has been compounded by the palsy of most moderate Labour MPs who were once able to provide an alternative government.

This threat to our society would be exacerbated if the PM were, God forbid, somehow forced to postpone Brexit beyond Halloween.

In that event Nigel Farage’s unequivocal Brexit stance could drain the Tories of votes in an election that would still be necessary to make constructive and productive government possible again.

But once we are outside the EU, Farage’s Brexit Party has nowhere to go. Its mission would be accomplished.

Its only possible contribution to politics if it hung around would be to provide a possibly more acceptable alternative to voting Tory for died-in-the-wool Labourites in seats which voted “Leave”.

And one possible consequence of that would be a Marxist, SNP, Liberal Democrat and Plaid Cymru coalition backed by Sinn Fein. In those circumstances, whatever moderation – leave aside their rabid Europhilia – the Lib Dems retain would be swamped.

It follows from this as night follows day that this month will go down in the annals of the UK as the crucial post-war point for its future.

How can Boris overcome the legal obstacles put in his way by a Parliament at odds with the electorate and a Supreme Court that will live to regret its politicking last week?

Brexit Britain is better out of the failing EU single market – Yorkshire Post Letters

I suspect from the polls I have seen that every time somebody or an institution throws a new spanner in his works his support grows in the country.

It is now fairly routine to read letters to the Press (as distinct from Twitter) from Remain voters saying they wish to honour the referendum.

It looks as if the future of our democracy depends on Boris acquiring Houdini’s unique escapism.

In a rational world we would never have reached this perilous condition. But rationality flew out of the window when the 2016 referendum result blew in.

It remains a mystery how politicians who fought an election on a Brexit platform feel free not merely to take the opposite stance but to use every tawdry means of frustrating the people’s will.

Why on earth should we take anything they promise in the future seriously?

It will be impossible to do so if they succeed in prolonging our membership of the EU.

All bets on our remaining a democracy will then be off unless, that is, former Prime Minister Winston Churchill was right to “trust the people”.