Brexit will be the biggest national disaster since the war – Yorkshire Post letters

Eurotunnel staff check trucks at the newly built checkpoint in Folkestone ahead of Brexit.
Eurotunnel staff check trucks at the newly built checkpoint in Folkestone ahead of Brexit.
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From: Peter Asquith-Cowen, First Lane, Anlaby, Beverley.

IF there is a hard Brexit and Britain “crashes out” of the EU, where are we going? It is like buying a house that we’ve never seen. We will be sailing into dark, uncharted waters, with only vague promises of new markets to discover.

A rudderless nation with no water-tight charts to guide us and only the whimsical, romantic past to lead us forward; an age of greatness and glory that has gone.

Is this really a sensible or practical way forward into an unknown future that could see our economy collapse, rampant inflation and violent social unrest? I think not. Whatever decision is finally come to, it must be very carefully thought through or it could turn into the biggest national disaster ever to face Britain since the last war.

From: David Gibbs, Savile Road, Leeds.

I HAVE just had put through my letterbox my poll card for the local elections coming up on May 2.

It is with sadness that I have to confess it went straight in the bin. Sadness because I am aged 65 and have voted in every election local and national since I was 18. However, after seeing the shambles so painfully unfold over the last couple of years, I have to ask myself ‘what is the point?’

The Prime Minister is living in a world of her own, not just over the dog’s dinner that is Brexit but also the tragedy of the wave of knife crime that is at present ruining the country.

A wave I might say of her making, after decimating the police force when she was Home Secretary – something she does still not accept. The temerity of the woman knows no bounds.

I doubt that I will ever vote again.

From: David Collins, Scissett.

SO we have a vociferous minority of people signing an online petition which appears to really want to re-run the Brexit vote.

If we applied this re-run logic to general elections, we would have to have had a re-run of most elections since 1945.

Even when the two main parties have devised a system which keeps them in power, they still often can’t get a majority. It is always the largest minority.

Sorry, but the people have spoken. Just get on with it.

From: David Pearson, Harrogate.

ON the Second Reading of the European Union Referendum Act 2015 on June 9, 2015, MPs voted by 544 to 53 in favour of the principle of holding a referendum.

With European elections in 2014, two general elections and a referendum, the electorate voted in a referendum to leave! We are now witnessing the unedifying destruction of democracy by Parliamentary procedure.

Irrespective of how we voted, we should all despair.

From: Ian Oglesby, Stamford Bridge, York.

IT is blatantly obvious that there is refusal of the negotiators in Brussels to modify the duration of the Irish backstop because it is permanent, and it is rank stupidity to turn a blind eye to the consequences of this EU plan.

From: Brian Hartley, Arthington, Otley.

WHICHEVER way you feel about Brexit, Boris Johnson’s regular comments about Theresa May in his Daily Telegraph columns are disgraceful. Perhaps he is the chicken for not expressing himself in the House of Commons rather than hiding behind his overpaid column.

Better with no religion

From: Christopher D Tansley, Haslam Grove, Wrose, Shipley,

IN view of today’s political and religious climate, the future is not looking to be getting any better. Politics is antiquated and needs to be brought up to date. Religion in all its forms, as the late Arthur C Clarke said, should be cut out like a cancer. Only then can we move forward peacefully.

Questions for Sir Gary

From: John Cunliffe, Blackton Road, Hartlepool.

IT seems Sir Gary Verity, the ex-Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive, continues to have trouble with numbers.

We have been told in the past that the whole of Yorkshire watched the Tour de Yorkshire – and that all Geordies visited the Great Exhibition last year!

These figures have never 
been verified nor do I think 
they will be.

Now we read he put the wrong numbers down to claim expenses!

As many of us exist on small salaries or pensions, we wonder how people like him have the brass neck to do what he did.

Clamp down on mobiles

From: A Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Harehills.

WHAT makes so many motorists think they can use their mobile phones when driving?

A survey tells us of a big increase since last year, so 
why have we less police who 
can catch them?

If those who are caught were banned for two years or so it would make a big difference, 
but only if we can catch them.

Only suitable punishment

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

IN last week’s paper, there was a story about a man who had sexually abused a two-year-old girl for many years.

What punishment would be suitable?

I would have thought that only castration would guarantee no repetition.

Could there be any possible objection?