Brexiteers need to spell out what comes next after leaving EU - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: John Van der Gucht, Clayton Hall Road, Cross Hills.

An anti-Brexit supporter outside Parliament during this week's votes.

THE mantra of many Brexiteers is that we, the people, voted to leave and we should just leave (The Yorkshire Post, March 11). But nobody appears to be able spell out what comes next.

Come on Leavers! Spell it out. Who are we going to trade with, and on what terms? Please guide us to those promised sunlit uplands!

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From: Marilyn S Shaw, Thornhill, Dewsbury.

I FOUND the article by Jack Houldsworth, a 21-year-old Leave voter who feels let down by Brexiteers having no plan for Britain’s exit from the EU, to be the most sensible point of view to-date (The Yorkshire Post, March 11).

He wrote so much that was common sense which politicians, in their eagerness to promote either themselves or their party, have not had the courage to voice. I hope to see more articles from this young man. Well done The Yorkshire Post for giving Jack the opportunity to write.

From: David Downs, Sandal, Wakefield.

THERE is no wonder the nation is so apathetic towards civil servants and politicians having just read the article written by a former diplomat and civil servant in the name of Tony Rossiter (The Yorkshire Post, March 11) claiming there were flaws in the referendum

Firstly, the subject of the referendum was not qualified in any way. The question was “did you want to stay in the EU?” and there was no reference to “for advisory purposes only”; David Cameron clearly stated that he would implement the will of the people, even if the majority was only one vote. The result was “leave”, hence his resignation.

Secondly, it was never intended that all the £350m weekly saving in EU contributions would go to the NHS and anyone interpreting the slogan on the red bus otherwise needs to re-sit their exams.

From: Mr G Marsden, Buxton Avenue, Heanor, Derby.

THERE is nothing like getting your foot in the door first, is there? When, or if this country leaves the EU, there will be a few spare pounds available, so who are the first to grab a piece of this surplus?

It is those MPs who will be given an extra £40 per week, so with their perks and expenses, it will accrue to above £80,000 per annum. They will find their standard of living very tough.

However we pensioners have not lost out. No, we have been given an extra £3 per week. Fair?