Celebrity shepherdesses blazing a trail for the countryside - The Yorkshire Post says

With huge social media followings, sold-out theatre shows and television documentaries, a new breed of shepherdesses are challenging long-held stereotypes about farming and giving people an amazing insight into their family’s work and lives.

Amanda Owen - The Yorkshire Shepherdess, of Ravenseat Farm, Richmond, North Yorkshire.

The likes of Yorkshire’s Amanda Owen and Alison O’Neill, along with their Cumbrian counterparts Hannah Jackson and Andrea Meanwell, are ensuring that the joys and challenges of farming in the hills of the North of England reach far beyond the rural communities where they are based to reach audiences in towns and cities across the country and beyond.

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Social media is blamed for many of society’s ills - often with some justification - but it has also provided a vital way of connecting those in urban areas with farming communities in a direct and engaging way that would not have been possible in the past. The shepherdesses who have engaged with it are now reaping what they have sown.