Christa Ackroyd: Why do Harry and Meghan seem intent on destroying the fairytale?

I so want to like them. I so want the press to get off their backs. But I also want to tell them there is more to being high profile members of the Royal family than living the high life.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

As my granny would say they are in danger of spoiling themselves.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had a dream start when they met and fell in love. Their relationship promised so much in terms of modernising the family he was born into and the one that arguably caused his mother so much pain. Meghan brought with her the easy confidence of an actress who was used to being in the spotlight. He instantly looked happier.

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Much was made of their wedding day when cultures, countries and centuries old traditions mixed seamlessly and British royalty mingled with Hollywood royalty. She was and still is beautiful and confident, especially walking down the aisle alone. He looked vulnerable and insecure, particularly after the death of his mother. But together they looked unbeatable.

So why oh why do they seem intent on destroying the fairytale before the second chapter is even written? Because, one thing for sure is if at one time the press seemed to have it in for them without reason, now they have no one else to blame but themselves.

First there was the millions from the public purse spent on Frogmore House, £2.4m to be precise. The money came from the privy purse and the couple paid for the decorations themselves, while reports of a mother and baby yoga room with floating floor were wide of the mark.

That I can accept. Prince Harry’s legacy from his mother was £10m. He also receives money from the Duchy of Cornwall, his father’s private estate. So he is rich and Frogmore was already earmarked by the Crown for renovation. Posh people live in posh houses. That’s a fact. But the truth is nobody likes a flash Harry - or his wife - if for her everyday seems like a fashion parade. While sister-in-law Kate often mixes it up with clothes from the High Street, Meghan it seems wouldn’t be seen dead in anything but couture.

And as for all the secrecy surrounding the birth of Archie and their choice of godparents. I totally understand why you wouldn’t want all the fuss, even why you would cover his face. But then don’t go putting pictures of your first born on your Instagram account. You are either private or public.

As for turning up in jeans at Wimbledon, that’s cool and totally Meghan’s choice. Unless because you can’t wear jeans in the Royal Box you take your seat among the commoners and ask your protection officer to tell them not to take photographs. That is ridiculous when you have spent your past life and much of your new one posing for carefully selected photographs and sharing them with the world’s media.

But it is this latest debacle that threatens to tarnish the golden couple’s image.

You just cannot spend your time advocating saving the planet with environmental campaigns and then make four journeys in 11 days by private jet and hope it won’t be noticed.

Especially when Harry has made the statement they will only be having two children because of their carbon footprint in an interview with that poshest of posh fashion bible, Vogue, which his wife found time to edit but didn’t attend President Trump’s state banquet.

As for Elton John wading in saying he paid for their second private plane trip to his South of France mansion, that doesn’t really cut it either. He says he has made presumably a financial contribution to the organisation Carbon Footprint to offset the plane emissions, but that just seems as blasé as once spending £300,000 on flowers during a 20 month £40m spending spree.

Just because you can does’nt mean you should. Look Meghan, Harry and Archie can hardly rock up at their local airport and jump on a Ryanair plane can they ? Imagine the chaos not to mention the security implications. But they could have travelled straight from their holiday in Ibiza by train to Elton’s pad for the weekend. And no one would have said a word.

Everyone deserves a break and the Royal family have always had their luxuries, the Royal yacht Britannia and the Royal train to name two. But those days are gone and the Queen is wise enough to recognise that fact. I suspect she may be having a word with her favourite grandson.

It won’t be the first time. But being an Eco warrior takes more than words. And until the Royal couple learn that they might just expect a few harsh words being written about them.