Clare Teal: Roasting and boiling on the stage, barbecuing at home

A weekend spent gigging under canvas in the sweltering heat – not only a cracking workout but also a most extreme facial. It took five hours cross country from Glastonbury to Norfolk but as ever it was worth it – the people of Bungay and surrounding areas made us very welcome, and more importantly fed us superbly well at The Black Dog.

Delicious poached salmon and salad with a mint and lemon dressing – definitely going to have a crack at that, followed by a ridiculously good Summer Pudding, pleasingly sweet and reassuringly tart. From the elaborate swathed marquee of Bungay (complete with ornate chandeliers) to the sturdy upscale structure dominating the Parade Gardens of Marlborough.

The collective heat generated by 800 people jammed in a tent with full on stage lights, could have powered a small village and is guaranteed to knock any Turkish bath into a cocked hat. These two fabulous small town festivals proved again that when communities work together they can put on brilliant events for people of all ages and walks of life.

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Sunday was altogether calmer, after a good sleep and a nice swim I cracked open another of the canvas sacks containing our home grown potatoes. We tried bandicooting earlier in the week with no joy. Bag number two delivered 3.7lb of delicious Charlotte potatoes, we boiled a few with homegrown mint and, coupled with a lightly sautéed homegrown courgette, they made a perfect accompaniment to our home made burgers sizzling on the barbecue. All that was missing was Margot and Jerry peering over the fence.

On the whole I feel we are truly living the self-sufficiency dream providing we can exist on one meal a month.

The few vegetables we’ve attempted to grow have provided great joy but I’m afraid the cabbages and kohlrabi or what the caterpillars have left of them are going to have to go.

This Friday we will finally crank up our home smoker, and I will be attempting to smoke whatever will physically fit in our little smoking tin, garlic, salmon and ribs are on the agenda – full report next week.