Crowning glory for Prince of Wales 50 years after investiture – The Yorkshire Post says

THE Prince of Wales of today is very different to the nervous young man of 50 years ago who had the eyes of the world on him when his formal investiture took place at Caernarfon Castle.

The Prince of Wales at his investiture 50 years ago.

As the Archbishop of Canterbury observes today so presciently, seldom in history can a coming-of-age have had such a setting – and seldom can the weight of expectation have been so great.

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It took time for Prince Charles to find his feet and promote causes like the environment, farming and employment opportunities for the young which are still close to his heart. Yet, while his unique role will, at times, have felt like an apprenticeship without a clear role, it is fascinating to watch duties at Buckingham Palace pass from the Queen, the longest-reigning British monarch in history, to her eldest son five decades after he was crowned Prince of Wales. For, even at the age of 70, Britain should be greatly reassured by how Prince Charles – the man who will be King – continues to grow in stature.