Duty bound

APPROPRIATELY enough, on a weekend when Britain has marked its second annual Armed Forces Day, it has become clear that one thing on which Britain and America are in definite agreement is the war in Afghanistan.

With the G8 summit confirming David Cameron's statement that "we cannot be in Afghanistan for another five years", there is at least some clarity of purpose, even if the

strategy for that five-year term has yet to be made apparent.

The new Prime Minister has marked Armed Forces Day by stressing his own commitment to Britain's servicemen and women and we wait now to see if he

can match his fine words with money and resources that will see British

troops well equipped

abroad and equally well looked after on their return home.

But Mr Cameron has also called on the whole country to give our forces the backing that they need and deserve, pointing out that support "isn't just a government responsibility – it's a social responsibility". He is right to say so. The Armed Forces are fighting

for freedoms that the British people all too often take for granted – we must all make sure that we do not take our troops for granted as well.