Even Chris Grayling is critical of Network Rail over costly East Coast Main Line closure – The Yorkshire Post says

FOR once, Chris Grayling’s response to the likely August Bank Holiday disruption on the East Coast Main Line is ‘better later than never’.

Even Chris Grayling says the disruption to the East Coast Main Line over the August Bank Holiday is unacceptable.

Nearly a fortnight after The Yorkshire Post first revealed the likely impact on major sporting events and festivals, he has belatedly expressed his regret.

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But, typically, he put the onus on Network Rail to put in place better contingency arrangements – presumably because he, as Transport Secretary, does not run the railways.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

And while Mr Grayling’s call for such work to be planned more effectively reflects very badly on Network Rail’s hopelessly inadequate and ineffective communication, it was his lack of leadership that explains why he will not be missed if, as hoped, this was his last appearance at the despatch box.

Indeed, it is further reason why the next PM must appoint a new Transport Secretary – and preferably someone from the North who actually respects and understands the issues here.