God’s houses and why preservation of our cathedrals matters to all – The Yorkshire Post says

YORKSHIRE’S cathedrals are amongst our county’s greatest glories, symbols of faith and heritage, at the very heart of the towns and cities that grew up around them over the course of centuries.

York Minster continues to undergo restoration work.

Those hundreds of years have taken their toll on the cathedrals’ fabric, and the process of preserving them is a never-ending process, as witnessed by the many years of restoration that have been carried out at York Minster.

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Now it is the turn of Ripon Cathedral to undergo work that will safeguard this beautiful and inspiring place of worship for centuries to come.

Restoration work is underway at Ripon Cathedral.

There is rich symbolism in the fact that an angel falling from above the quire marked the start of restorations, almost as if 
the cathedral was reminding those who love it that after 500 years, it is time to look to the future and ensure the cathedral’s magnificence endures for future generations to marvel at.