GP Taylor: President Trump told the ugly truth about modern Britain

Donald Trump has launched a blistering attack on the state of Britain today.
Donald Trump has launched a blistering attack on the state of Britain today.
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LAST week, it took an American pensioner with a very bad combover to point out to the world what a mess Britain really is in. We might not have liked what he had said, but it was the truth. In a few short sentences, he summed up the state of our nation.

The Brexit we are going to get wasn’t the one we voted for. London is being ravaged by crime and our economy is going to hell in a handcart.

Any deal done with us was really a deal done with Europe and in his mind those Europeans were bad to deal with.

This old man also said that we were losing our culture and identity and that the erstwhile former Foreign Secretary would make a better Prime Minister than the one we had.

Like him or not, Donald Trump tells it how he sees it. If he thought your partner was ugly, he would tell you. Perhaps that is why he has done so well in business and is turning out to be a President who is getting things done for the US.

Looking at Britain with the eyes of an outsider, we really 
are in a mess.

Brexit appears to be happening in name only. If the soft Brexit that Theresa May wants goes through Parliament, then we will be tied to Europe in an even worse way than ever before. Britain will have to agree to the rules of Europe without being able to be involved in making them.

The democratic principle in this country will be finished. The ruling classes no longer take the wishes of the electorate seriously. Like Peter Mandelson said, they believe we are in a post-democratic age. The views of women and men matter very little.

After all, how can 17.5 million people get it so wrong? This was not a decision that should ever have been given to the plebeian voters. It is the belief of some politicians that the ballot box should be ignored other than for electing them on to the gravy train that leads to the Westminster trough.

The bankers and big businesses that nearly finished off our economy in the last crash are all firmly behind soft Brexit or no Brexit at all.

They don’t care about people, but are obsessed by profits. Yet Labour refuse to support what the majority of their voters in this country wanted. How can so-called socialists support a European Union when it is a cabal for bankers and global business and anti-working class?

It was not just Europe that Trump had his eye firmly on. He had some painful and yet truthful things to say about London, our great city. Having lived there in the early 1970s, I found it to be relatively crime-free. Yet, last year, there were
115 murders with 80 being
down to knife crime. This year, 50 have been killed with knives and nine shot. After a string of terrorist attacks, all the city’s Mayor can say is keep calm and don’t panic.

Moped gangs seem to rule the streets and police officers
cannot chase them for fears
over the health and safety. Keep calm?

Trump is right, it’s a war zone and no one seems to be doing anything to stop it. Nor are we allowed to point the finger at the communities at the heart of the problem for fear of being called racist or Islamophobic. With each murder or terrorist attack, the mantra of ‘disadvantaged youth’ or ‘misunderstood’ appears to grow thin.

We are in a mess. If only President Trump had taken time to look even deeper into the state of our society, he would have come to even more dramatic conclusions. Britain is changing and not for the better.

Even the good old BBC has gone on a dramatic crusade never to allow middle-class 
white people to make a comedy for them again.

They sacrifice perfectly 
good output on the altar of diversity as they try to tell us what kind of society they want 
us to live in.

We have become a nation of snowflakes, who seek to be offended at every opportunity. Our stiff upper lip has dissolved into a thousand one minute silences for everything under 
the sun, so many and so often, that they lose all meaning.

Whatever culture we had is being lost. Traditions new to this land are being celebrated with more and more fervour at the expense of those that go
long back into our history. In this, we lose our identity and 
our pride.

Britain was once the most liberal, tolerant and accepting country in the West, but perhaps Donald Trump is right. We are in a mess.

GP Taylor is a writer and author from North Yorkshire.