Honest MPs like Andrea Jenkyns are a rare breed - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: R Hartley, Shadwell Lane, Leeds.

Andrea Jenkyns MP.

YET again John Turley has got hold of the wrong end of the stick (The Yorkshire Post, March 22). Why on earth should a Conservative Association deselect Andrea Jenkyns (Morley and Outwood) when her constituency voted by 59.8 per cent to leave the EU? On a recent survey, the Conservative members confirmed that they would still vote to leave with or without a deal.

Similarly for Lee Rowley (N.E. Derbyshire) whose constituents voted to leave by 63 per cent. In my opinion, they would be returned with a thumping majority as being honest democrats – a rare breed!

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From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

THE Speaker is a disgrace to the country and an abominable disgrace within the House of Commons. John Bercow is clearly trying to disrupt the exit from the EU, as was the wish of the people’s referendum.

He is obviously anti-Conservative, especially when going to inexcusable lengths to disrupt the due process in the modern day by his ridiculous going back in time. He needs to be removed from office as soon as possible for the good of the country.

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

BRIAN D Black (The Yorkshire Post, March 23) and others are concerned about the legitimacy of the Brexit vote. They appear to be arguing that no law is to be passed unless a majority of the population vote for it, but must realise that no government would ever be elected and no law would ever be enacted on that basis. We do not force people to vote, so the essential business of government can only be based on the opinions of those voting.

After consultation with the Electoral Commission, Parliament decided the referendum would be settled by a simple majority of those voting. That law stands and cannot be changed retrospectively. Our MPs must abide by the verdict of legally constituted votes.

From: Phyllis Capstick

FOLLOWING on from the letter by Brian D Black, does he believe in democracy being delivered by the Government in charge?

From: Mr PL Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

We hear the term ‘kicking the can down the road’ frequently. Does it mean making a lot of noise and nothing much else?