HS2 budget could be better spent on lower taxes – Yorkshire Post letters

Should HS2 be scrapped?
Should HS2 be scrapped?
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From: Dr Richard Wellings, Head of Transport, Institute for Economic Affairs.

HS2 was a flawed project from the start. The economic case for it never made much sense, which explains why the rationale for the rail project keeps changing.

The Government has launched a review into HS2.

The Government has launched a review into HS2.

Why high-speed rail in North must take precedence over HS2 - Bill Carmichael

We should welcome the Government’s plan to examine the costs and benefits of this pricey project, which should further highlight that the rail line is years behind schedule and will probably be tens of billions of pounds over-budget (The Yorkshire Post, August 22).

Why HS2 must stay on track as Boris Johnson launches review - The Yorkshire Post says

The review should also compare how the current HS2 budget could be spent in other ways. Lower taxes, less regulation, and investment in local transport would do far more to regenerate the North of England than a hugely expensive rail line.

HS2 review will look at “whether and how” it should proceed, says Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

From: Judith Harris, Sandringham Gardens, Leeds.

IT is claimed that the Northern budget to invest in transport improvements is not enough for the Northern commuters and passengers. One simple solution is to abandon plans for HS2.

If this was to happen, then there would be enough money to improve the transport infrastructure (services that we already have), save green belt land and spare people from being forced out of their homes.