I believe Theresa May’s own incompetence has brought on Brexit crisis – Yorkshire Post letters

Is Theresa May solely to blame for the Brexit mess?
Is Theresa May solely to blame for the Brexit mess?
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From: John Van der Gucht, Clayton Hall Road, Cross Hills.

NEIL McNicholas (The Yorkshire Post, April 2) states we should have left the EU the day after the referendum.

He claims the issue of immigration was not a factor. He also invokes patriotism, and the millions who died in the two world wars. He claims the vote allows us to once again regain control of our laws and democracy.
Neil McNicholas: Why are we still waiting for our MPs to deliver Brexit?

I do not recall the EU instructing the Government to comprehensively damage and undermine most of our public services – the NHS, armed forces, prison and probation services not to mention transport, and austerity policy forcing people into food banks.

Thanks to the PM invoking Article 50 when she did, and then losing her majority before even setting out her course of Brexit action, what does he expect our elected representatives to do?

She set her face against any sort of consensus and her incompetence has brought it all on herself.

From: Ian Oglesby, Stamford Bridge, York.

HOW can we resolve the UK judiciary? How can we restore full powers to Westminster? How can we stop paying billions to the troubled EU?

How can we be free to make global trade agreements? How can we look fit to be the keystone of the Commonwealth? How can we counter MPs’ opposition to the referendum result? How can we avoid the legal implications of various EU treaties and continuing pressure to adopt the euro and have UK armed forces under EU control? The answer is a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. It is silly to pretend any agreement involving a customs union will free us from the EU and honour the referendum result.

From: Duncan Anderson, Mill Lane, East Halton, Immingham.

WHERE has this strange idea of a “managed no deal” appeared from? It’s an oxymoron. One day we are a member of the EU, the next we are not members and have no agreements with EU. There is nothing to manage.

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

I’VE just heard the Prime Minister say that the Government will abide by the decision of Parliament. Strange that – she said the same thing about the people’s decision back in 2016!

From: Jarvis Browning, Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

WHAT have our MEPs been doing? The only person who has been outspoken is Nigel Farage! Where has everybody been?