I blame the EU’s spiteful negotiators for Brexit – do you? Yorkshire Post letters

From: CL Moore, Wolfe Close, Cottingham.

When will Britain now leave the EU?

IN his House of Lords speech, author Michael Dobbs (The Yokshire Post, March 15) repeated a quote from the French magazine Le Point that, in 2016, Michel Barnier was reported to have said: “I’ll have done my job, if, in the end, the deal is so tough on the British that they’d prefer to stay in the EU.”

I fear that Great Britain is being forced towards kowtowing to the weight of numbers ranged against us which is headed by a team of “negotiators” of this spiteful nature.

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From: Aled Jones, Southcliffe Road, Bridlington.

THE EU embodies an insidious tradition of propping up its less able members, while relying on the richer states like Britain to gracefully foot the bill.

It certainly is a sad affair when Spain and Italy both owe one trillion each – everybody in May’s government knows that this is the reason why the bureaucrats won’t let us just walk away.

They will continue to stall our withdrawal and frustrate every attempt we make to regain control of our economic future. It is simply a matter of cold-blooded necessity.

Without Britain, the French and German economies will be left with an unserviceable debt that may collapse them.

From: W Jones, Cottenham Road, Rotherham.

WHEN I voted for Brexit, it was to be independent from the USA after Barack Obama, the then President, said we will be at the back of the queue for trade deals if we voted to leave the EU.

Unfortunately we are still governed by the White House after being forced by President Trump at the end of last year to send more troops to Afghanistan. I feel cheated – but not by the EU.

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sir Bernard Ingham for his excellent article (The Yorkshire Post, March 20). As a fellow Yorkshireman, and I use this term deliberately, I applaud him for his consistent approach to the Brexit Saga.

I am not sure about Theresa May and the way she is dealing with matters but I do know that she would be returned at the next General Election if she were to get on with the job and take the will of the people to heart.

We can go back to the start. We voted out and this should have been done almost immediately. Our ace card is surely the £39bn they are asking us to “donate” to leave. Get out now and save it.

From: Albert Cringe, Westfield Rise, Hessle.

ENGLAND rugby coach Eddie Jones is talking of bringing in a mystery woman to cure the team’s mental relapses – could it be Theresa May?

Why no cash for North?

From: Nigel Davies, London.

IN an interview last weekend with The Times, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Liz Truss, signalled her ambition to build two new runways at Heathrow.

Such a project would involve demolishing large parts of West London at significant cost and that is without considering the environmental issues.

Together with the £41bn for Crossrail 2 and £7bn for the Lower Thames Tunnel, then the total costs would presumably be around £100bn.

Now Transport for the North has, once again, set out the importance of HS2, not only to HS3, but to all the infrastructure projects across the North. It also addresses the essential connectivity to the Midlands which is woefully inadequate.

The North and the Midlands must surely not be treated as second best. If there are funds to take the number of runways at Heathrow to four, then there is funding to bridge the gap in parts of the UK which have had under-investment for decades.

From: J Waring, Coniston Way, Woodlesford, Leeds.

I REFER to recent reports perpetuating the myth that HS2 is coming to Leeds which it is not, and was never intended to!

HS2 Ltd has dug itself into a deep hole on which it has wasted vast sums of taxpayers’ money. The Government is now, and has been for some considerable time, attempting to find someone else to pull the plug on this out-of-control behemoth.

If it was to go ahead, the statement by the chief executive of HS2 Ltd that “we are building a railway for over 100 years” would be correct, as it would take this long, judging by the progress made so far. HS2 Ltd has been “at it” since 2011 and not yet a single sleeper has been laid!

One other statement is that HS2 would have a transformative impact on the Yorkshire economy. This would be transformed downwards from the present thriving economy.

Essay cheats

From: Neil Richardson, Kirkheaton.

SURELY stories of essay cheats (The Yorkshire Post, March 20) are not instances of serious plagiarism but minor deviations and error whipped into a large issue. If such a problem had actually persisted in UK universities, staff would have regretfully expelled the culprits, regardless of the impact on department income.

Bad sports

From: Miss P Spencer, Silsden, Keighley.

LAST Saturday, there were three rugby union matches, followed by a full length soccer match, on terrestrial channels. Time for a dedicated sports channel on mainstream television?

No solutions

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

AS knife crimes escalate to an unprecedented level – even for this country – does anyone really believe the politicians have any solution whatsoever?