Idiotic adverts driving TV viewers to distraction - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Mrs EH Bell, Newland Avenue, Driffield.

Are there too many unsuitable adverts on TV?

BECAUSE of age and infirmity, I am, unfortunately, no longer able to be very active in the community.

Consequently I am obliged to be indoors far more than I ever was, or of course would prefer to be, so I watch TV when there is a programme which appeals to me.

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However certain idiotic adverts have me totally bemused as it’s far from clear what they could possibly be attempting to advertise.

And what on earth, too, is the point of the many to say the least, where adults take on the voices of children? I think it is extremely well merited to say they are peculiar.

Is it necessary for the adverts “pushing” funeral arrangements to be included so often?

Surely most people with a modicum of common sense are more than capable of sorting out their funeral arrangements and the finance?

I guess I am not alone in all this. I also cannot resist the temptation to embark on the subject of so many young people sticking the word “like” into the conversation at every opportunity when absolutely unnecessary. 

It seems to be a comparatively recent habit which has taken over somewhat.