If we want to bring an end to prejudice and hatred then liberals need to take the lead, says Nick Ahad

I want equality for all. I want people to be free from prejudice and hate based on the colour of their skin, religion, sexual orientation, all that stuff. I

Jameela Jamil has been a positive ambassador for British Asian people and for women and has been at the forefront of body positivity conversations.(PA).

I want everyone to have the same opportunities, for no group to be more privileged than another.

If that makes me a liberal then I’m confused why anyone is anything else. It is as a fully paid-up member of the liberal left I say: bravo, Natalie Portman, good on you, Jameela Jamil and, fellow liberals, can we please start applying the brakes rather than rushing headlong into complex situations?

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Leaving the EU makes no sense to me as a supporter of the arts and the inclusivity they offer - Yvette HuddlestonFirst, Portman. The actor engaged in a small protest at the 2018 Golden Globes when she presented the Best Director Award, saying: “Here are the all-male nominees.”

It was a smart little sideswipe and she went a little further with an even more subtle and elegant protest last weekend at the Oscars.

Portman appeared wearing a Dior cape embroidered with the names of female film directors overlooked by the academy which had, yet again, arrived at an all-male shortlist for Best Director.

Clever protest, right? Wrong! How dare you! You’re a misogynist then, are you? “Think women can’t do the jobs men can?” was the online response.

My fellow liberals did not applaud Portman. Instead they piled in on Twitter, pointing out that Portman’s own production company has only ever hired one woman. “Hypocrite!” my leftie comrades screamed. As though it were Portman’s job to fix the industry alone.

Why arts degrees have a value that go far beyond graduate salaries: Anthony ClavaneTo Jameela Jamil – someone for whom my admiration has grown in recent years in line with her activism. She’s been a great ambassador for British Asian people and for women and has been at the forefront of body positivity conversations.

She was also this week named as a cast member for a new TV show based around the LGBT Voguing and Ballroom scene. My fellow liberals lost their collective minds again. She’s a straight woman! How can she take part in this show!? They demanded she lose the role. Jameela then came out as queer.

How is this in any way a victory for the left? While we’re screaming at these people attempting to make the world a more equitable place, Piers Morgan is doing ‘Chinese’ accents on national TV, there’s a racist president in the White House and British people are being deported in the middle of the night.

Fellow liberals: you’re fiddling while Rome burns. Check yourself – and remember where the fight really belongs.