It will be the EU’s decision to curb opportunities for young - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Michael Green, Baghill Green, Tingley, Wakefield.

Brexit continues to polarise opinion.

I HAD always assumed from what he wrote that your regular correspondent James Bovington believed that the EU could do no wrong. But, having read his latest letter (The Yorkshire Post, March 1), I’m not so sure.

The point he makes is that the opportunity for social and cultural exchanges between young Europeans will be lost as a result of a hard Brexit. And he blames UK pro-Brexiteers for that.

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Sorry, Mr Bovington. If young people from the UK are prevented from going to Europe, it will only be because the other EU member states won’t let them in. Their decision, not ours!

From: Alan Glover, Sheriff Hutton.

IN response to James Bovington, I find shocking the slur by association on those many good people living on housing estates (who may or may not have voted to leave the EU — we do not know). Perhaps he can also explain why if so many young people wish to live, study and work in Europe, as he says, the number of students opting to study modern foreign languages at A-level and GCSE level has fallen in recent years?

From: Mary Alexander, Knab Road, Sheffield.

WHY should leaving the EU stop students living abroad as part of their course? I spent a year in Paris studying for a French degree from 1957-58. It soon became the norm for language undergraduates to spend a year abroad. Obtaining a visa was a matter of a few hours.

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

ROY Turner wrote ‘The country voted “Out” in the EU referendum’ (The Yorkshire Post, March 2). No it did not. I was the RE teacher at Birkenshaw County Secondary School from 1969 to 1973, a school of some 400 pupils.

I would often ask for an opinion on a subject. In a class of 30, if 11 agreed with an idea, 10 did not and nine weren’t sure, than I would have been lynched in attempting to force the opinion of the 11 on the whole class. My figures match, proportionally, the EU referendum. Hence the “chaos” – only 37 per cent voted Brexit.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

DOESN’T Tony Blair understand that he is one of the reaons why Britain voted to leave the EU and that a vow of silence by him might be benefical?