Jeremy Corbyn can’t duck Brexit question as Alastair Campbell banned – The Yorkshire Post says

IT WAS inevitable that Alastair Campbell would be expelled by Labour after Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, a leading Remain supporter, voted for the Lib Dems in last week’s EU elections.

Labour has expelled Alastair Campbell for backing the Lib Dems in last week's EU elections.

Yet, while there has always been enmity between the Keighley-born PR guru and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, such differences have always been masked by Tory turmoil over Brexit.

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However Mr Corbyn no longer has this luxury – a credible Government-in-waiting should have been winning this month’s local and European Parliament elections by a landslide. That it did not is due, in part, to Mr Corbyn’s hesitation over calls from Mr Campbell, an individual who understands the value of clear communications, and others for a second referendum.

Totally torn between Labour’s EU enthusiasts in London and the Home Counties and more Eurosceptic voters in the party’s Northern heartlands, Mr Corbyn can only obfuscate for so long – the question now is how long before he makes a decision and the repercussions for his leadership.