Jump into unknown could be only Brexit solution - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Martin Hickes, High Street, Farsley.

"Yes, Minister" actors Nigel Hawthorne (left) (who plays Humphrey Appleby) and Paul Eddington (PM Jim Hacker) perform a comedy sketch "Yes, Prime Minister" with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at Waldegrave Hall, in London.

SIR Humphrey Appleby, late of Yes Prime Minister, would habitually describe radical schemes by PM Jim Hacker, through pursed lips, as being “Courageous, Prime Minister”.

One can only imagine the apoplexy he might have felt at Theresa May’s decision to broadcast live to the nation and engage directly with the public, claiming she is on their side, while berating Parliament and MPs.

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Trapped between the EU, Parliament, the ERG, Jeremy Corbyn, no deal, a second referendum, and the clock, her position has become reminiscent of the famous scene in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, where Paul Newman and Robert Redford find themselves contemplating a jump from a cliff to shallow waters to escape, but finding themselves unable to swim.

Perhaps a jump into the unknown will be the only Brexit solution, sooner rather than later, to end the tortured deadlock. The political waters might not be too shallow, and might just break her fall. But perhaps it would be too “courageous”.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

LAST week, the PM addressed the nation on live TV. As usual a rather uninspiring statement.

However part of her diatribe was as follows: “Two years on, MPs have been unable to agree on a way to implement the UK’s withdrawal.

“As a result, we will not now leave on time with a deal on March 29. This delay is a matter of great personal regret for me”.

Theresa May has conveniently forgotten that her chief EU negotiator, Olly Robbins, inadvertently disclosed in a bar in Brussels in February, that the secret plan was to take the UK negotiations to the wire and then secure an extension, to kick the can down road yet again.

Duplicity plus deception ad nauseam Prime Minister, when will it end and when will you end?

From: Judy Goodwin, Altofts.

Politicians from all sides are determined to keep us tied to the EU one way or another.

For 45 years they have nodded through every law and diktat that has been thrown our way, even when it was detrimental to our country.

Who can forget Tony Blair, David Cameron and Nick Clegg giving government contracts to other countries even when it meant a loss of jobs in the UK?

All the while spouting it’s the EU rules.