Let’s drink to Yorkshire Tea’s number one success – The Yorkshire Post says

The news that Yorkshire Tea has overtaken its rivals to become the nation’s number one cuppa is refreshing for a number of reasons.

Yorkshire Tea

It is produced by a family firm, Taylors of Harrogate, that has not sacrificed its values of quality and respect for its suppliers on the altar of commercialism. What is more, it has achieved its success by trading on values which it knows to be genuine, that are enshrined in the county name.

Indeed, it has supplanted ‘terrier’, ‘pudding’ and, dare we say it, even ‘Post’ as the most popular Yorkshire suffix.

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But while Taylors’ achievement in turning a local brand unknown outside the Broad Acres into a global sales phenomenon is of their own making, they have been quick to acknowledge the groundwork done by Welcome To Yorkshire in familiarising audiences with the county name.

Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea’s sales figures are a quantifiable measure of just how well the message went down.