Letters: Millions left in dismay as politicians betray the Brexit vote

From: Roy Turner, Upper Cumberworth, Huddersfield.

Will Britain leave the EU on March 29? Time is running out...

I’M one of the millions who voted and stand distraught that we have been ignored by the Government and MPs breaking their own pledges to Britain and its people on becoming an MP.

The country voted ‘Out’ in the EU referendum. No deals, no delays, no repeat votes.

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If they all honoured their pledges we would be out and ready to rebuild a better Britain. As it stands at the moment, we’re living with a dictatorship where the population is ignored. We are doomed if we stay within the EU, back at the bottom.

From: Edward Grainger, Middlesbrough

WHATEVER happens from now until March 29, here on Teesside there is no real care for the future of Anna Soubry, one of the three Tory defectors to the new Independent Group.

Her performance and reputation as a Minister in David Cameron’s government was ruined amongst the Redcar steelworks employees, and the wider Redcar community, as she refused to consider mothballing the plant. We shall now need all the steel-making capacity we can put together.

From: L Cooper, Barlow, Dronfield.

BREXIT is a serious matter, no doubt about it. However, I can just remember German bombers caught in searchlights and Sheffield as a heap of rubble, and when my dad came home from the Navy I remember not knowing who he was.

Now that’s really serious. So I’ve a suggestion. Why don’t we opt to remain, let things settle down, and then, when they’re not looking, sneak out the back?

From: James Robson, Kirbymoorside.

WHEN the deplorable display of self-serving, posturing, virtue signaling, treachery, and cowardice of the major parties in Westminster is finally over, I hope Theresa May remains for a while and her place in history is recognised.

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

ALL very well for Tom Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, February 23) to quote past precedents of MPs abandoning the party under whose name they originally stood for election, like Reg Prentice, but these were isolated incidents. They were not wholesale defections as now.

To me, this highlights the main problem of our Parliamentary democracy – there is no written-down Constitution that we can refer to.