Morrisons can’t lose as it welcomes community groups for free – The Yorkshire Post says

THE YORKSHIRE supermarket giant Morrisons can’t lose by allowing community groups to use their cafés as free meeting spaces.

Morrisons is opening up its cafes to community groups.

An initiative in keeping with the altruism of its founding father Sir Ken Morrison, the costs of such a goodwill gesture will be quickly recouped when visitors make in-store purchases.

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In these difficult times for town centres, any plan to encourage more people, and families, to visit high streets should be welcomed and encouraged. Unless consumers have additional reasons to support amenities close to home, the dominance of online retailers will only intensify and, in doing so, change the fabric of the country irrevocably.

Community groups can now use cafes in local branches of Morrisons.

If anything, the move by Morrisons needs to accelerate attempts by Ministers, landlords and local councils to find new uses for all those shop premises which stand empty. The longer they’re under-utlised, the harder it will become to save our high streets.