No point reducing speed limits to 20mph unless it is enforced – Yorkshire Post letters

How should speed limits be enforced?
How should speed limits be enforced?
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From: Frank Bond, Fenwick, Doncaster.

WHILE I applaud the motives of Rachel Reeves MP for reducing the speed limit in parts of Leeds to 20mph (The Yorkshire Post, February 28), I would urge her to stop and think first before the council there spends thousands and thousands of pounds on implementing this. Does she think that by putting a 20mph sign up everybody is going to comply? No, the only people that will observe it are the drivers who are already observing the current speed limits.

I walk everyday through my local town of Askern, and despite there being clear large 30mph signposts, a large 3omph sign written on the road and a flashing sign indicating your speed, at least 80 per cent of drivers are speeding and quite a few at over 40mph.

Last Monday morning, while it was still very foggy, I witnessed a black Mercedes being driven at over 40mph with no lights on and the driver was also using a hand-held phone! So, before you commit to spending money, wake up, or is it another case of MPs not living in the real world?