Only way to restore our prestige and avoid international humiliation is a successful Brexit – Yorkshire Post letters

Will Britain gain or lose international prestige as a result of Brexit?
Will Britain gain or lose international prestige as a result of Brexit?
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From: MP Laycock, Harrogate.

JAYNE Dowle (The Yorkshire Post, March 18) writes of this country’s loss of international prestige as a result of recent Parliamentary debates about our EU membership. Who is responsible for this embarrassment?

Much blame attaches to David Cameron for ordering the Civil Service not to make contingency plans for a Leave vote. More blame attaches to MPs who, after getting elected on promises to respect that vote and to leave both the Single Market and Customs Union, have since campaigned to undermine that.

Britain’s prestige can be restored by:

leaving EU control promptly and decisively (“no deal” being better than a bad deal);

having taken back control of our laws, politely but firmly negotiating future co-operation with our neighbours;

making such a success of leaving that we put our present difficulties behind us.

Any other course merely prolongs this agony.

From: AJA Smith, Cowling.

WE should not be surprised 
at career civil servant 
Lord Armstrong of 
Ilminster (The Yorkshire Post, March 16) suggesting the remedy for the Brexit impasse 
in Parliament is for the 
Prime Minister to set aside 
the 2016 referendum mandate, remain in the EU and engage in its reform.

As chairman of the Edward Heath Charitable Foundation until 2013, he would suggest that, wouldn’t he?

From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

I AM fairly certain that yesterday I noticed two MPs sound asleep in their chamber during a televised debate. Sadly, I could not identify the two guilty slumberers but could be indicative of the effect the lack of progress on this “neverendum” issue is having on MPs?

From: Harry Santiuste, Edenthorpe, Doncaster.

HAVE we been tackling our Brexit problem the wrong way round?

Shouldn’t England have withdrawn from the United Kingdom first and then we could have negotiated our freedom without relying on the lukewarm support of SNP and DUP parties?

From: David Warnes, Maple Walk, Brandesburton, Driffield.

THE Oxford English Dictionary defines a ‘prig’ as a person who is excessively proper and smug. It seems that Mr Speaker Bercow ticks all the boxes.