Our Hannah Cockroft is now better than Usain Bolt on the world stage – The Yorkshire Post says

WHEELCHAIR racer Hannah Cockroft’s 12th world title is particularly meritorious because it eclipses the 11 world championship gold medals won by Usain Bolt – widely regarded as the greatest athlete ever.

Hannah Cockroft (right) celebrates her 12th world title.
Hannah Cockroft (right) celebrates her 12th world title.

Yet, while Bolt’s eight Olympic titles currently trump Hurricane Hannah’s five Paralympic titles, there’s every likelihood that Yorkshire’s very own queen of the track will add to her own haul in Tokyo next year.

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But what makes the Cockroft story so inspiring – and engaging – is the force of her captivating personality, her will to win and a beaming smile which never fails to uplift her family, fans and followers.

Hannah Cockroft remains the Paralympic movement's poster girl.

And at a time when athletics is looking for a new Usain Bolt-like figure, the Paralympic movement is defined by the history-making achievements of Halifax-born Hannah Cockroft who, at the age of 27, continues to redefine the words ‘courage’ and ‘competitiveness’ after suffering two cardiac arrests at birth.