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Are MPs betraying the public over Brexit?
Are MPs betraying the public over Brexit?

From: Dr Alastair Cook, Austwick.

SO now we know! No deal (at minus 43 votes) is better than a bad deal (at minus 149 votes). Alas neither is acceptable to our rulers, so the only logical consequence is that we stay in.

They blithely ignore those of us who sought a return of sovereignty to Parliament and, crucially, the return of a competent and accountable government.

Nor is there any redemption to be achieved in a second referendum – even if they compound their stupidity by offering three options.

They have not understood a yes/no vote – how on earth could they cope with nuance? And if you are content to know best, whatever your constituents think, why bother asking.

I very much hope that the next election may provide some salutary lessons.

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

WATCHING the latest machinations of our so called representatives in the House of Commons has destroyed my faith in the mother of all parliaments (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, March 15).

I am appalled at their infantile attempts to thwart the public’s wishes by the use of idiotic, outdated and cunning Parliamentary schemes. Such techniques have more in common with rogue regimes such as the Soviet Union or communist China than with the British traditions of fairness, honesty and decency.

Of course in the long run those MPs who are attempting to overturn the wishes of the vast majority of the population of the UK who voted to leave the EU, will, come election time, find themselves unemployed and unemployable, except perhaps as advisors to the corrupt EU bureaucrats on the best way to destroy democracy. Shame on the lot of them.

From: Colin McNamee, Ella Street, Hull.

THERESA MAY’s new and improved deal sounds like an advert for a washing powder! And nothing had really changed.

Well, talk about taking something to the wire, and given Mrs May’s duplicitous and tortuous actions and verbiage, how on earth could MPs, of all views, make an informed vote on the latest offering?

Looks like a jolly good reason for the continuing game of party politics – and doing absolutely nothing to improve the political democratic deficit in the UK and more likely to continue the degrading thereof.