Parks are precious green spaces and we must protect them - The Yorkshire Post says

The benefits that parks and green spaces bring to communities have been documented time and again.

Thousands of people in Yorkshire live a ten minute walk away from a park or green space. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

They can provide a boost to mental wellbeing and an opportunity for physical activity, let alone an offering of a clean air sanctuary and a haven for wildlife. Yet, according to new research by the Fields in Trust charity, there are 180,000 people in Yorkshire that live more than a ten minute walk away from one.

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Whilst it is great that a significant number of the region’s five-million-strong population are fortunate enough to be so close to such valued landscapes, it is concerning that some residents, young and old, could be missing out on their advantages.

It is why the charity is highlighting an urgent need to secure and maintain green spaces and wants to see local government and landowners take steps to protect them for future generations. Councils ought to pay heed to their words, but we all too must do our bit to look after these precious assets.