Police must use Boris Johnson’s 20,000 extra officers to tackle child criminals – The Yorkshire Post says

BORIS JOHNSON’S decision to recruit 20,000 more police has certainly boosted the morale of all those tasked with upholding law and order.

Boris Johnson wants to recruit 20,000 extra police officers.

It also signals his intention to return to the more traditional British values, if his approach to policy can become compatible with any Brexit deal and vice-versa.

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Yet, while an increased police presence will help to assuage all those who place a high premium on local policing – and remember the days when every community had dedicated officers – it is not necessarily a numbers game.

Boris Johnson wants police patrols to increase.

It is how the police are deployed which will matter most of all as the Home Office looks to become more assertive.

As the police, NSPCC and others make clear today, the fact that Yorkshire is home to a generation of child criminals – delinquents under the age of 10 who cannot be prosecuted when suspected of offences as serious as rape – is a powerful reminder that there needs to be a very strong focus on crime prevention by the new Government because current protocols are clearly not working.

Priti Patel is the new Home Secretary.

That means getting more officers on to the streets and also into schools, after-school clubs and youth organisations to explain – and in stark terms if necessary – the potential consequences if youngsters do not grow up as good citizens who are respectful of their society and surroundings.

For, unless early intervention becomes far more effective, the country will pay a heavy price if today’s delinquents become tomorrow’s career criminals because they grow up never knowing right from wrong.