Rudness of mobile phone users demonstrates decline of Britain – Yorkshire Post letters

Are mobile phones to blame for a decline in manners?
Are mobile phones to blame for a decline in manners?
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From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

CONGRATULATIONS to Neil McNicholas for his latest 
article on mobile phones and manners (The Yorkshire Post, April 9).

One has to admit to 
advancing years but why should we have to put up with the use of mobile phones everywhere we go?

Mobile phones should not be used at the expense of manners – Neil McNicholas

My latest visits to restaurant and supermarket were ruined. In the resturant, we were subjected to a woman on the phone throughout the meal and the supermarket visit was curtailed by another woman and dreadful child on the phone all the time.

As for manners, I am afraid they have gone out of the window many moons ago.

Children are not taught manners either at school or home and bad behavior seems to be accepted.

I recently visited a school where the pupils spoke to the teacher using her first name. It was certainly not allowed in my day and I feel sure it hasn’t done me much harm.

As for the epidemic of knife crime, a simple but not supported answer is to bring back National Service.

Then let us see how they go
on with knife crime and their use.

Forget Brexit, this country is slowly going downhill.