Stop rewriting history just because Nato and not the EU has kept the peace in Europe – Yorkshire Post letters

Nato - rather than the EU - is credited with upholding the post-war peace in Europe.
Nato - rather than the EU - is credited with upholding the post-war peace in Europe.
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From: Ross Taggart, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees.

THE rewriting of history, even recent history, seems to know no bounds. I suppose it is made easier by the distressing lack of general knowledge widespread in the population of this country.

Just recently I heard a Member of Parliament blithely state that the EU won the Cold War. What?

To be fair perhaps they simply don’t know that a mere 30 years ago half the present members of the EU were imprisoned by barbed wire and minefields. And they would be still if it were not for the steadfastness of Nato (and in particular the US and the UK) that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. More likely it simply does not suit his politics to admit to such an inconvenient truth.

It is also often claimed that the EU is a great European peacekeeper. Wrong. The presence of large numbers of American and, until recently, British troops stationed in Europe has kept the peace. Ostensibly and partly to deter Russian aggression, they have also deterred a resurgence of German militarism and French Napoleonic pretensions.

The major nations of Europe have had no choice but to get on together! It is worth nothing incidentally that France has made no secret of its antipathy towards Nato.

Whatever the EU is, it owes its existence to the resolution of this country and our American allies. However the ‘Eurocrats’ of Brussels and our left-wing politicians, academics and media people obviously much prefer to rewrite history. And how easy that is.

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

RESPONDING to Andrew Adonis (The Yorkshire Post, April 8), his speech contained the same view he expressed when the referendum produced the ‘Leave’ result he didn’t want three years ago; namely, that he considers we should disregard it and remain in the EU.

Through numerous television interviews and newspaper articles, the Labour peer has promoted that same message relentlessly – in fact, to such an extent that I have come to associate his name with the campaign to remain in Europe more than with that of any other political figure.

But the name of Lord Adonis is associated also with one of our Parliamentary system’s cardinal faults. In referring to his time spent as Transport Secretary, he drew attention to it.

Put succinctly, Andrew Adonis has never, in all his political career, actually been elected to anything.

And yet here he is – calling for the votes of 17.4 million people to be discounted.

From: Charles Lawson, Halifax Road, Brighouse.

I HAVE no problem with Rachel Reeves, MP for Leeds West, trying to undermine the 2016 referendum result as she represents a Remain constituency (The Yorkshire Post, April 6). It was 50.3 per cent to Remain with 49.7 per cent to Leave so she is honouring her constituents’ vote – that is democracy.

When she calls for another referendum, she is not being democratic. The first one must be implemented before we have another one.

She claims things have changed and lies were told by the Leave campaign.

Things have not changed, we are not out of the EU yet and Project Fear, with its immediate doom and gloom if we voted to Leave, has been proved wrong.

I voted to stay in the EEC in the 1975 referendum as it was a trading bloc, but over time it has changed in a political union without our consent.

If MPs cannot understand that taking the no-deal negotiating hand of the table was a stupid idea whilst we were negotiating then they are not fit to represent us.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

AS time drags by, we get nearer to the Establishment’s triumphant “Remain” which leads me to think that it is better to get out of the EU on any terms rather to face what will happen to Britain if we surrender our freedom and decide to remain in this institution.

Perhaps Theresa May’s deal has been portrayed blacker than it is by all her opponents – and anyway if we regain our liberty then we can tackle the other EU problems over the years to come.

From: David Craggs, Shafton Gate, Goldthorpe.

WHAT a sad state of affairs politics in this country is in. One thing is certain... if we get the chance to vote again, we will 
be better informed of the problems we will face, and 
have to overcome, in order to leave the EU on terms that are favourable to us.

From: Roy Turner, Upper Cumberworth, Huddersfield.

ANOTHER thought on the Brexit fiasco. Would there be a legal way for we, the citizens, to prosecute all the MPs who voted to thwart the result of a straight in/out referendum, on the grounds of betrayal/treasonable behaviour against the country?

From: AJA Smith, Cowling.

DID the outcome of Saturday’s Grand National meet with the approval of the Remainers, or will they be demanding a re-run next Saturday?

Invest in transport

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Grimsby.

SPENDING more money on roads to ease congestion will only ever be a temporary solution, as if the number of vehicles keeps on rising they’ll end up being overcrowded themselves. And though electric cars might reduce pollution, our roads won’t get any less busy with their introduction.

We really need a mass push 
for public transport, not being afraid to increase the cost of motoring by guaranteering the extra money will be spent on providng better rail and bus services.

This includes bringing back trams to all urban areas with a population in excess of 100,000. For let’s face facts – slow stopping buses without conductors will not get people out of their cars.