The Dales are not in crisis as rural people have always left for urban areas – Yorkshire Post letters

The future of the Yorkshire Dales is in the spotlight.
The future of the Yorkshire Dales is in the spotlight.
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From: Martin Powell, Woodacre Green, Bardsey, Leeds.

YOUR leading article ‘Last chance to save the Dales from crisis’ (The Yorkshire Post, March 30) was contemptuous beyond belief.

The suggestion that a family moving from the countryside to urban areas is an unfolding crisis is untruthful, the process dates back centuries.

And the suggestion that people can be dissuaded from moving away, or be lured back by urbanising National Parks, exposes the insensitivity and naivety of those engaged in this conspiracy.

The countryside is permanently engaged in the process of evolving, that is how nature works and why life is 

The only time it descends into crisis is when human beings interprose themselves.

These are very rarely farmers or people concerned with the welfare of the earth, but generally those engaged in a wish to asset strip the last British resource – our land.

It is notable how the newspaper articles accuse the people who do not want to build in the park as being greedy while those foaming at the mouth when gifted with the prospect of ravaging the countryside are characterised as being deferential.